The RPSC Board would like to welcome you back to River Park Soccer!

We’re so excited to be getting the Fall 2024 Recreational Soccer season underway. Registration is now open through May 31, 2024. You can access our registration page at the link below.


We are a small neighborhood recreational soccer club that promotes a fun and friendly atmosphere where kids can learn to play and love soccer alongside their friends, neighbors and classmates. We have always strived to make participation in soccer an affordable experience for families, and while we continue to do so, our registration fees for U8 and above have increased a small amount for this season. Full Details below:

1) A $15 increase has been added to the base registration fee due to inflation of operating costs over this past year. U8 and above will be $140 per player.
2) U6 will remain at $115.
3) No late registration fees, early bird discounts, or sibling discounts.
4) Uniforms from last year can most likely be reused (more to come during summer).

It’s important to RPSC that no child be unable to play due to financial limitations. We have a needs based scholarship fund that is accessible for application on our website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our board members if this is something that you think might be helpful to you and your family, or if you have any questions about it.

Disclaimer: We are a small club, and sometimes there is only one team formed per division/age group; typically this happens more in the older divisions. We operate by, “First registered, First rostered,” so don’t delay in registering for the season right away! (In the very sad situation that we cannot place your player on a team we will refund your full registration cost, thank you in advance for your understanding).

It’s been a long winter and spring, we can’t wait to get our cleats back on! See you on the pitch!

Rachel Morphy
RPSC Registrar